Underarms, legs, bikini ... hair removal has become over the decades an essential beauty gesture, almost mandatory, which most women are engaged.

While some women and celebrities protest against the dictatorship of the hair, remove them at any price is still very present in the collective thought. Be perfectly shaved play an important role in seduction, Two thirds of the French.

What do men think?

According to a study by IPSOS for brand Wilkinson female razors with 2,198 respondents, men have a somewhat paradoxical vision of female hair removal.

Yes 86% of them consider it important that a woman be perfectly popped for it to be attractive, 54% believe nonetheless that the pressure on women to this effect is too large, and that others expect too much. So what to do?

Note also that the thinking of men still varies according to age. While 93% of 25-34 year olds consider that it is mandatory to go through depilation box to be attractive only 79% of over 55s feel the same. So should we trend of no-hair to a fad? Yes, according to 62% of them.

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