Humor, glory and beauty. A blogger has decided to overturn the codes and push the limits of possibility. Her name Josefin Lillakas but by the name of Jeely. The Youtube account of the Swedish has nearly 13,000 subscribers. And the young woman is not afraid of ridicule. She likes to mix beauty and humor in his videos. A bit like the tutorial beauty Tess Paras on trumping, or the art of makeup like Donald Trump. The challenge Jeely: to paint the face of 100 foundation layers. A long operation three hours where hairdryer and beauty blender were required. The result is quite scary. Mask wax or true face? Hard to tell the difference. The young woman seems dehumanised. 

perilous experience

Upon removal, a different surprise waiting Jeely. Under the thick skin primers, her face scarlet. "I seem to have been burnt!"If she worried before heading to the shower. The bottom of surplus skin, health hazard? Still, that experience makes us slow down level up. 


Day cream, foundation, concealer ... Morning beauty routines are different from one bathroom to another. Between tricks and miracle products, we seek all the winning equation for a perfect complexion. The choice of video Jeely was not chosen at random. After long years of rule, the foundation is anticipated by many alternatives in recent years. But hide imperfections without painting their foundation face, this is not an easy task! While some have adopted in recent years by the unifying creams like BB cream, others are still struggling to separate from their foundation.