With this done, even darker shades keep the brightness. You can opt for a deep green, navy blue or burgundy, which never appear dull. particularly flattering tones on an already tanned skin or very dull. Another asset, the metal particles increase the holding of the varnish, even on soft nails.

The good gesture: on a smooth base, use the right way varnish, without making waves. The result will be perfectly smooth and bright with a layer of top coat finish.

The good shopping: 

The varnish, Emerald, Chanel, 25 €. 

Gel Envy, Sky's the limit, Revlon, 8.95 €.

Varnishes, Metallic Blue 354, Mavala, 5.60 €.

Varnish, High Koffee, Kylie Jenner for Sinful Colors, 2.90 €. 

Realization and text Virginia Tarle, Makeup Makeup artist Elsa Durrens Chanel, Raynald Bernard Coiffure, photographer Noël Coleman

Credits: Chanel Leather Wallet, Ring "Coco Crush" 18K yellow gold, medium and small model, Chanel Joaillerie.

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30 varnish to be tested immediately

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