Cucumber, an ally beauty

Originally, the cucumber is a result there appeared thousands of years at the foot of the Himalayas. Grown in India and in the world, today it is consumed as a vegetable. In the diet, it is often recommended to eat as part of a plan, because composed of more than 90% water, it has many assets for health and beauty! Magnesium rich in fiber and potassium, it also has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. It is found in some face creams in tonics and rejuvenating serums. If you love it so much is because it allows both pamper fragile skin and give a glow to tired and mature skin. It also has decongestant very effective in reducing puffiness. Some researchers have also shown its benefits to the hair. Compound of silicon and sulfur, it stimulates the growth of hair. He any good, in fact!


Making a facial treatment with cucumber

You have a small mine and sallow complexion ? Follow our tips to make a moisturizing mask and plumping in minutes. Just to have in your fridge a cucumber and yogurt. After peeling the cucumber, you can cut it and place it in a blender. Then add the yogurt and mix until blended. You just have to apply this mixture on the face. Immediately you will feel a feeling of freshness. Thanks to its composition of water, the cucumber is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. But this mask is also effective to plump up tired skin. the solution is left on fifteen minutes and then rinsed with clean water. Toxins are removed, and the skin is immediately brighter. Note that you can also use this mask after sun bathing to alleviate "hot shots".


Conduct a body lotion Cucumber

Regularly hydrate the body helps fight against skin aging. To have a soft skin all winter and summer, it is necessary apply a nourishing lotion on the entire body, and particularly upper thighs. To achieve a moisturizing lotion and invigorating home, you need a cucumber peeled and cut into pieces. It is passed then the mixer, then add three drops of essential oil of rosemary. After mixing everything, you whip an egg white in a bowl until foamy, then incorporates cucumber and essential oil. Just apply this mixture on the body massage to stimulate blood circulation. 


Making a balsam for the eye area Cucumber

To appear rested and have bright eyes, take care of his eye. You can achieve balm with a cucumber and petrolatum. These two ingredients associated enable decongest the eyes, reduce wrinkles and smooth pockets. Simply mix a few cucumber pieces with a teaspoon of Vaseline, then let this mixture for an hour in the refrigerator. Apply it generously then to find a sparkling look.

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