Purple nevertheless remains a difficult color to wear. Especially suitable for clear and milky complexions, very bright, it tends to fade the Mediterranean and dark skin. Above all, therefore, get an opalescent complexion and flawless.

If you want your painting purple lips, they must be absolutely flawless. The metallic textures should be avoided however, since they tend to intoxicate the complexion. Prefer their red to dull or lackluster lips, which are very fashionable this season. Their only fault is to highlight all the kinks and migrate in the dry streaks. Hence the fact to leave on good foundations. For color, the hues of black cherry, lees of wine and eggplant are the prettiest.

On the eyes, Choose purple with warm highlights, that is to say those containing red pigments, not blue. Unlike the mouth, metallic or sequined materials here will be more harmonious. Left to opt for purple, choose bright colors, flashy, see totally electric. Intermediate colors they are reserved for color gradients such as smoky or smoked. Another approach, using it to highlight a flush lower lashes. But, worn alone, they will be too bland. Whatever type of purple makeup for which you will fall, always apply on your lashes a good dose of black mascara, so as to create contrast and to mark the intensity of the gaze.

Thank you Peggy Albes, freelance makeup artist.

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