Dr. Catherine Braeken, Dermatologist Expert Mixa

"Use gentle care and activate blood circulation"

We must encourage irrigation of the blood vessels to keep a soft skin. To do this, eat foods rich in Omega 3 which are known to facilitate the passage of red blood cells in the blood vessels, thus oxygenate the skin tissue. In everyday life, to avoid the phenomena of frostbite, wear gloves as you pull before leaving home, to avoid thermal shock. For washing prefer a surgras bread or a shower oil, less aggressive than conventional soap.

Several times a day, moisturize your skin with a sweet almond cream made or, in case of severe drought, glycerin. At bedtime, repeat the gesture by insisting on the nail matrix, which also dehydrates quickly. If cracks, apply a thick layer of cocoa butter on the injured area and wrap this part, for the night, in paper cellophane.

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