- We offer time for yourself

The ideal is to take a break in the institute once a month or every change of season. It is a true parenthesis will certainly aesthetic effect, but also a mental result because you will come out in your rid of tension and stress. This letting go that lasts 30 to 120 minutes, depending on the chosen type of service is a real bonus to be granted as soon as possible.

- This gives visible results illico

Whatever the need processed in the care, you immediately feel your skin more beautiful. It is a real plus for the youthfulness of the skin. Before the holidays, for example, a good scrub, mask and massage will prepare the skin for sun exposure, in turn, will drive the dead cells without attacking your beautiful tan. In winter, a burst care will bring a real shot boost to dull skin. A care cellulite will not make a miracle once but it will reactivate the circulation and fight cellulite on the surface, a good start to start a small diet, right?

- It gets a personalized comprehensive diagnosis

From beginning to end, it's a real special moment with your beautician, who will take the time to do a real focus with you on the needs of your skin. It changes with the seasons, hormonal problems, age, and we know evil. The aim is to achieve the most appropriate treatment protocol, to know what your skin type, what your skin needs, your desires ... not forgetting of course.

 - It benefits from the expertise

Unattainable at home, some treatment protocols are specifically designed for institutes and they need a professional hand to be realized. The beautician will apply professional products or use machines competently. This will boost cellular exchanges, where a rejuvenating immediate effect.

- It optimizes care home

With the right moves that we have received and learned at the institute. The beautician will show you how to ask a cream, how to remove makeup, how to better treat his skin ...

And with the diagnosis, you will be perfectly what ritual care take home to beautify your skin from head to toe.

Thank you to Camille, trainer at Body'Minute

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