What is it ? 
Accepted by law in France since 2003, Botox is primarily to botulinum toxin. This toxin can be a very dangerous poison in high doses, but when injected in small amounts, it has no poisoning effect. It acts on the muscle where it is injected and blocks the development of wrinkles and the amount used is different depending on the person. The dosage is therefore an important element in the response. The injection takes a few minutes and is not painful, except perhaps for the most comfortable. Local anesthesia may be proposed, but this is rarely necessary.

After the intervention of the doctor, do not touch or massage the areas having undergone the treatment, but operate by contracting the muscles several times a minute for a long time. Botox is so well integrated and stabilizes. One intervention fails to fill a wrinkle indefinitely. It resolves with time, it will then return several times to see his doctor to continue the injections. Botox is a miracle in the short term, but asks to be renewed for the effects last over the long term, if they disappear in a few months. A first appointment with the doctor will allow it to know the reasons for getting inject Botox, verify that you can have the surgery and target the relevant areas of the face.

Who is this done?
If wrinkles have become real enemies to daily well-being is that the passing of time is definitely too difficult to accept. It is not a question of making a whim to look a few years younger, this is not to happen to love with wrinkles that appear on her face. Today we have the chance to give a little boost to nature to be at peace with oneself. Ride the lion too pronounced, crow's feet that age us too much, or forehead wrinkles that give the air constantly concerned ...

For those who have tested a lot of anti-aging creams without success, Botox can be a solution to not live with these furrows plowed by time and remind all crossed worries. This technique does not unanimous: the excesses of some stars who now find themselves with a fixed and expressionless face were disgusted more than one. Yet, as with everything, within reason, and without seeking to find the face of 20 years, Botox may help some to feel better about yourself. At each finding its limits, listen to the advice of specialists, or perhaps just consider that the solution exists without the plunge.

What are the disadvantages?
There are some cons-indications: pregnant women can not be injected Botox or people under medical treatment including antibiotics. 

Just after the injections, the side effects are virtually nonexistent. It can be slightly inflated to treated areas or have skin that reddens a little, but nothing that prevents them from going out in public.

One disadvantage that may slow more than one, that's the price that it costs. Around 400 euros injection is expected, and this can vary from simple to double depending on the practitioner. It should also be sure he is licensed to practice this type of intervention: plastic surgeon, dermatologist, surgeon of the face and neck, it must be formed this injection technique the risk of ending up with a result far short of expectations hoped.

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