How it works ?
In cosmetics, they are not particles of ground beans or crushed berries that are used but called caffeine synthesis. It has the same qualities as the plant extract caffeine but it costs much less expensive to produce. Another advantage it has never, to this day, provoked allergic reaction. Some brands that prefer natural remedies and / or plants, using it successfully for decades. As you check the exact composition of the cream or gel that you have chosen. It is considered that 3-5% caffeine in a bottle is an effective dosage to enjoy its benefits.
Women who aim to track down cellulite necessarily know the quality of caffeine. Consisting of antioxidants and polyphenols, it fights against water retention because it actively participates in the drainage and disposal of fat cells. Caution: the effect is not necessarily spectacular. But it is shown that a complete slimming cream ideally the establishment of a slimming plan, and the practice of intensive and regular physical activity. That's why many slimming creams or gels, which incorporate in their composition are reference treatments.

How to use it ?
You can apply a slimming cream or a caffeinated gel on the legs, stomach, and arms. It is important to massage the area to enter the care in the tissues. The texture and smell of the cream are essential. Light and fluffy, slimming cream is all the more appreciated it penetrates easily and is easy to apply.

In the anti-cellulite tights
This is the last strong niche market for beauty ritual. Wearing clothes that are good! In this context, caffeine has found its place in the composition of the famous tights that help fight against cellulite. The agents are incorporated into textile fibers. And their assets are released during the movements you do in the day. You save time and you attack the orange peel on all fronts simultaneously and continuously. To appreciate the first results, count thirty days.
In the face care
With decongestant, it is interesting in beauty products that target areas of the face, likely to store fat. Yes, like the body, our face undergoes the effects of time but also the loss or weight gain. You magnify, areas of your face are swollen. You lose weight, these areas can deflate but remain marked. For those bags under the eyes, it is advisable to use the eye contour creams or roll-on to caffeinated. The roll-on is an interesting tool to enjoy the benefits of caffeine on other targeted areas of your face as the oval neck that, over time, stores fat and relaxes. As part of your weight loss plan, it is recommended to combine the use of caffeinated cream with exercises that help tone the muscles of your face.

To fight against the effects of sun
Polyphenols, which are components of caffeine, present in many plants, such as blueberries, grapes and tea. They have antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system of the skin and help fight against premature aging of the skin. Among the worst enemies of the skin are the sunlight. Caffeine has the ability to fight against UV. It therefore also finds its place in sunscreens.

You are told how long the acting body and face care.

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