The palm painting, what is it?

This technique consists of ro achieve a scan only with hands, without using brushes or accessories. The colorist table the decolorizing product in the palm of the hand (previously coated with a glove) and applied to the hair ranging from the tip to the root. Depending on the pressure applied by the palm, the result is more or less intense or molten ... enough to get a tailored color and beautiful color gradients.


3 reasons to fall for the palm painting

It educates less hair. Unlike a conventional scanning achieved with aluminum foil (which tend to weaken the hair follicle as the artistic director of the brand Toni & Guy), the palm painting provides a smoother and more gradual fading.

The result is very subtle. The palm painting offers a nice fade without "zebra effect" or demarcations. It's like if you come back from two weeks holiday at the sea!

Ithe suits all hair. By working with his hands, the colorist can easily qualify the intensity of the color, suit the hair movements and lines of cut. What get a unique and suited to your hair result.


Discover painting palm stain just below examples:

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