Why the skin is sensitive?

All skin, whether oily, dry or mixed, can be sensitive. There is even talk of hypersensitivity. The skin feels tight, scratching, blushed, sometimes up to rosacea.

For adopt good beauty gestures and take care of this reactive skin, it must be understood that reacted: almost everything, sometimes, but there are still some specific elements:

  • alcohol and spicy food have a vasodilatory effect which opens the pores;
  • very hot or cold temperatures are poorly tolerated by sensitive skin: Beware of showers or too hot baths;
  • choose its beauty products is important because some contain irritating assets. Better to focus the care without alcohol, fragrance, preservatives.

A cleansing gently

Sensitive skin can not stand to be rubbed. The cleansing should be done very gently, if possible with your fingers, not with a cotton irritates them the most sensitive skin.

For this, there are in the drugstore gentle cleansers and no rinse because water, especially limestone in it, are not very friends with reactive skin. Even micellar waters are not really recommended.

If makeup is too strong to use only a mild, a cleansing oil will be more effective. With your fingers, you must massage gently the skin without much support. makeup residues will then be taken in the oil, which is removed by dabbing with cotton. It exists ultra soft cotton discs specifically developed for sensitive skin.

Once cleansed, the skin is soothed by applying some soothing spa mist by spray.

A suitable cleaning

To clean her sensitive skin, it is necessary to No.Use only hypoallergenic products. This means they have been designed to not create allergic or just knee-jerk reactions. they contain perfume or alcohol, or other components that can cause skin irritation. Their action is soft and pampers the skin.

In the morning, wake up, to remove all traces of sleep, a cleansing milk applied with circular movements clean skin and gently wake. With a soft cotton, it gently dabbed to remove excess.

The second step will refresh the skin and decongest pores: this is the time ofuse a facial toner, specifically designed for sensitive skin. milk residues are removed and the skin is smoothed.

Again, the cotton must be buffered: it's simple, do more especially rub the skin with anything. If the tonic, even special sensitive skin is too aggressive for you, this step can be performed with a thermal water.

Indeed, the thermal water has soothing and protecting the skin Not only it reduces the feeling of tightness and tingling, but she also fight against premature skin aging which are prone sensitive skin.

Before moving to the hydration step with a day cream, it is good towait a few minutes thermal water or tonic act.

The idea is to favor surgras care, including ultra-rich body soaps, for the skin to be pampered to the max. Obviously, scrubs type cleanings are used sparingly, and chosen for their extreme softness and very fine grains. It is also better zoom test the effect on the entire face.

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