Gourmet, intoxicating, sweet or provocative Playboy likes women. To take care of their skin velvety and sensual, they offer 6 gels and shower creams melting and rich textures to be enjoyed in the shower, one or two. Which of these bottles Play It to ultra-feminine curves, will seduce you?

One of the Pin up scented beard to Dad and juicy pineapple skin for a chewable? The Sexy, in her lace undressed, delicately musky? The VIP the bottle of a decadent gold and hints of musk and cashmeran? The Rock the crocodile jacket, doped with blood orange for vitamin revival? The Spicy a chic oriental, the bewitching notes of pomegranate, sandalwood and passion flower? Or that of the Lovely the fruity-floral bouquet, deliciously foaming?

But with such a mini price, why choose! Do not they say that a woman can hide another?

Care Shower Woman Play It Playboy € 2.65

You have 3 minutes?