Permanent Eyebrows: for whom?

The eyebrows are too thin, too scattered or asymmetrical. Sometimes it's nature, but it can also be a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy. It can also be the result of too intense and regular waxing. In the end, the eyebrows are not developed, and the whole face suffers.

Permanent makeup is ideal for those with eyebrows purposes and would love them more provided.  This option gives them an impeccable line for years without having to redraw each morning ,. Unlike conventional makeup, permanent is waterproof. It is therefore possible to swim without worrying about the result once out of the water.

But it also applies to those with eyebrow sparse areas, or who want a more defined line. Indeed, the eyebrows are an important element structure facial features. If the look depends on whether they are thin or thick, facial expression also.

This type of permanent makeup is also very convenient for busy women who do not have the time to work their eyebrows before leaving for the day.


What to know before embarking

There are two kinds of pigments: the mineral pigments and synthetic pigments. It is advisable to opt for the use of the first, as they are less allergenic.

Now permanent has nothing to do with the first make-up tattoo version, which tended to turn green. Today, professionals use a technique called dermopigmentation, that offers a stunning natural result.

Unlike tattoo, pigments eventually fade until it disappears. This is why it is a permanent makeup, but not definitive. Depending on the tone of makeup eyebrows, it is necessary to do some retouches every 6 months to 1 year. This is not a new full session, but simply inject some pigments where necessary.

How it works ?

This service is only carried out by a specialized esthetician or dermatologist. Before you make an appointment, do not hesitate to ask questions and to consult on the choice of the professional. Remember that you'll put your face in his hands for a result that will last several years.

In the salon, before making permanent makeup in itself, a first plot eyebrows is done in pencil, to determine the appropriate form before making it final. The color is chosen semitone above the natural color of eyebrows. Note that after the injections, the excess color will fade after 4 to 6 days.

Once the shape and the color chosen, the professional conduct small injections of pigments to create hairs one by one, and get a natural result. The practitioner wears sterile gloves to perform the injections, and uses only disposable syringes. Compared to a hair removal tweezers, the tingling sensation during injections is minimal.

Once defined eyebrows, it is necessary to program a testing session 2 to 4 weeks later. It will verify that the injections were well taken, and possibly make some adjustments where pigments are too blurred.

After the injection session, it is essential to apply on eyebrows a high protection sunscreen, or avoid sun exposure during the two weeks, until healing takes place.

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