Want a look that is both refined and elegant without taking your head? And if you opt for this new accessory?

Completed large headbands, thick velvet. Today, they are finesse and emerge as the new ultra-feminine accessory. The proof with this pretty head jewel that will sublimate any hairstyle.

Version glam

To clear your face with class, here's how.
Wring out your hair and dry them head down. Finish drying by winding lengths around a large round brush, to obtain a "wave" effect. Using a tail comb, draw a start line, slightly to the side and then pass the lock obtained from the other side, blocking behind the ear. Place the headband, by folding a maximum of hair over to hide the arc. Laquez well before the wick slightly throughout the hair.

version sophisticated

Another idea to adopt to a more chic look. 
Brush your hair perfectly. This time, draw a long line on one side of your head and repatriate all the hair on the other side. Brush perfectly then perform a low but thick chignon, with a bun. Place the headband on top of your skull. Laquez perfectly.

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And next makeup?

For makeup as our picture, here are the steps to follow.
• The complexion: apply a bb cream on your entire face, not to mention your neck and décolleté. Finish with a bit of land of sun, on the top of your cheekbones.
• Eyes: Using a bottle brush and brush your eyebrows perfectly sculpt. Post a bronze shadow on the entire eyelid, stretching toward the brow bone. With a fine brush, apply also under the lower lashes. Draw a black line along the upper and lower lashes, then gainez them with a black mascara.
• Palate: Please have a blood red lipstick and apply using a fine brush to perfectly outline the shape of your lips.

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