With our video tutorial, a few brush strokes, you will get there. It explains:

Draw the cat motif

Although very easy, it is the specific reason to run in this achievement. It requires finesse and concentration.
Rest assured, if we did it you can too.

1 / Before starting this nail art, apply a base to protect your nail varnish pigments.

2 / Proceed two layers of pink nail polish blade or nude. It's best if the first layer is quite thin and the second a little thicker.

3 / Do not forget to clean the edges of your nails until the coating dries (about ten minutes) 
For this, use a flat brush, preferably, and dissolving.

4 / Publish a drop of black varnish on a piece of aluminum foil (A drop of cardboard or plastic also agree perfectly)
If you do not have a black varnish, you can also use black acrylic paint. It has the advantage of clean water in case of error.

5 / To carry the cat's head, draw the ears and whiskers. With a very fine brush.
Then, change the finger!

Make the leg pattern

6 / Ask on your nail 3 points triangle. Draw the pads on top performing all 4 dots.

7 / Finish your achievement "cat" by applying a layer of top coat.

Alternate designs "cat" and "paw" on a finger not the other.
It's finish ! Your nail art is chewable: "meow"

Thank you to Julie, blog I varnished 

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