If there is indeed a problem that capillary all we know, these are the forks! To deal with them, without shortening the hair one centimeter, the barber Sal Salcedo has developed a special technique: the "hair dusting".

The principle "The hair dusting has been used for years, some cultures have different techniques like with a razor blade or by burning the fork. But in any case, it takes time that is why it is no longer, "said Sal site Refinery29. " The goal is to get rid of the little hair that no longer serve us. And we must keep in mind that hair is easily damaged because of the weather, colorations, a bad cut, heat but also simply because of age. "

How to proceed ? The hairdresser up a bit between his fingers and cut all the little hair that rebiquent and beyond. The gesture must be precise and assured to get a perfect result. To perform at a pro!

We let you admire this work in the videos below:

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