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Credits: Eucerin


Use morning and evening, this gel cleanses your skin gently while addressing your imperfections. Every day he helps regulate sebum and limit bacterial growth. Without soap, perfume, this treatment will become your new cleaning action every day.

Gel cleanser, Dermo Purifyer, Eucerin, 9.50 euros per 200 ml flask

Credits: Alorée


Efficient and fun, you'll love creating your exfoliation. Formulated with olive stone, exfoliating grains mixed with Life Resource Radiance Mask, help purify the skin that is found softer and detoxified.

Kit Scrub Detox (pot scrubs grain sample Radiance Mask Lift resource and a cup with his spatula) Alorée exclusively at Sephora, 12 euro


Credits: Body'Minute


Use once a week to cleanse the skin in depth, this mask destroy impurities and regulates sebum through Kaolin it contains.

Imperfection mask, skin'minute, Body'minute, 12,90 euros for subscribers, 16,90 euros not subscribed

Credits: Natura

Coup charges

This lotion, use morning and evening, formulated for combination to oily skin, helps to reduce and control excess sebum and remove impurities. We love the fresh effect to each application and moisturizing side brought by water contained in this care.

regulatory astringent lotion, CHRONOS, Natura, 18.50 EUR 150 ml


Credits: The Body Shop

The essential

A true ally to use to have clear skin even when an impurity pointing the tip of his nose. This oil contains a very high concentration of oil Tea Tree (15%) from fair trade, Tamanu Oil and Oil Tea Tree Lemon, all known for their cleansing properties. A locally applied with the fingertips, it reduces impurities without drying.

Tea Tree Oil, The Body Shop, 8 EUR 10 ml

Credits: dr.brandt


A magical treatment that helps clear clogged pores and absorb excess oil daily. Applied to the face before her day care, this gel allows the skin to regain its radiance without shine.

Pore ​​thing with EvermatTM t-area pore tightener, dr.brandt exclusively at Sephora, 35 euro


Credits: Vichy


Pimples, redness, enlarged pores, shine ... this multiple care cleanses and renews the skin while providing softness and comfort. It leaves the skin with a dry finish and perfect powder.

Moisturizing global anti-imperfections, Normaderm, gingham, 13,40 euros per 50 ml tube

Credits: Shu Uemura


Clear pimples and blemishes with this wand. Formulated with vitamin E and an anti-acne complex, this corrector has a beveled foam tip that allows for easy and accurate correction. We like: semi matte finish on the skin.

Point Cealer, 4 colors, Shu Uemura, 29 euros

Credits: Clarins


A must to have in your beauty kit. This powder compact control all shine for hours perfectly respecting skin. His commplexe "Stop-Gloss" combines the benefits to plant purity mineral for matte complexion and control the radiance of your complexion seamlessly.

Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact Transparency and Dullness, 4 colors, Clarins, 31,70 euros

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