Being invited to a wedding, or even several in the same year is to have to find the perfect outfit and hairstyle ... that will go with! But see on this special day the perfect opportunity to play with your hair and imagine all kinds of hair variations that will (almost) overshadow the bride.

You have long hair?

Twists, braids, waves ... let your imagination run free for that great day when you can let go capillairement speaking. also bet on accessories for even more dazzling hair: ribbons for romance, colorful barrettes or decorated with small flowers. Simply Avoid white, color reserved for the bride. We should not confuse you, anyway.

Short hair ?

Leverage a capped disheveled effect for a side pétillant, and background on colorful and floral hair accessories which pimperont your look. Vary the pleasures daring headbands, headbands and why not pretty feathers to be more primed.

If you do not égalerez the beauty of the bride, you can be sure to be the prettiest invited.

Look at our 5 quick ideas of hairstyles for long hair.

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