The nail salon

The specialist in nail beauty since 1983! This institute practice laying false nails resin. Count 54 euros laying and 37 euros per month for refueling. With 123 centers in France, there is necessarily near you.

Why we recommend it? This is THE undisputed specialist. The home is pleasant and one feels that one has pros facing us.


Very trendy, the Institute of the capital spa-like is totally dedicated to the beauty of hands. Among them, the fake nails is UV gel and airbrush (a small gun that sprays color or white). It will cost 75 euros false nails and 55 euros for each filling.

Why we recommend it? For the beauty of the place! Once through the door, you forget you're in a big city. The scenery is total!

Such. : 01 47 03 37 33


This institute known us all was provided recently a nail bar. In this design space entirely dedicated to the beauty of hands. You will receive all the advice you need. The installation of artificial nails is here with capsules. It takes 40 minutes to complete care capsule + gel + varnish, all for a very reasonable price of 60 euros.

Why we recommend it? For the concept and price of course and also because at Sephora, it's no appointment.

Such. : 0 892 70 70 70

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