Pores: why?

The pores, this is what allows the skin to breathe and reject sebum and perspiration. The problem is that sometimes they get clogged and create blackheads, or buttons.
The pores open for several reasons. The sun, first, since heat, generally, "opens" the pores.
Useful in a steam room or to prepare the skin before getting a mask, but totally unattractive everyday. They also dilate when you zap too often the cleansing stage in the evening before bedtime, when making excessive alcohol and tobacco, which is dehydrated or being forced too much on the makeup, or when using inadequate care that dry the skin. Result: the T-zone and part of the cheekbones find themselves decked out unsightly enlarged pores while we all dream of having a peach skin.

During the summer, it must be all the more vigilant we tend to want to sunbathe, to find that the sun we managed well with the tan. But in September, the backlash. Without care or caution, we are left with blackheads and acne because the pores were open happily heat has had time to get clogged. When the skin is oily or combination of course, is even more inevitable. Sebum is hard to flow, dead cells and other impurities lodge in the pore cavity, enlarge them and create blackheads and acne. Not pretty-pretty!

The steps to counter the pores

- Cleansing The first thing to do every day, without fail, it is to remove makeup at the end of the day.
No need necessarily to wait for the sunset over the skin will be natural, the better it will breathe.
- Clean : After cleansing, do not neglect to clean the skin with a micellar water organic. Rose, laurel, lavender ... they all have specific properties. 
- cleanse : a weekly exfoliation removes dead cells and impurities that get stuck in the pores.
For even greater efficiency, it can be followed by a mask green clay that will suck in depth.
- treat The skin needs to be treated. For this, there are astringent lotions or serums that will then tighten the pores and thus make them less visible.
- hydrate : We never repeat it enough, you must moisturize your skin morning and evening with a specific cream for day and one for night.
And drink water to moisturize the interior !
- camouflage : Finally, for the most pressed, if the pores have not yet tightened enough and are too visible, we can bet on a liquid foundation or BB cream blurring effects of instant pores!

Natural recipes

To his care, it is also possible to use natural and organic products to create masks and lotions house.

Honey and lemon
1 tablespoon of honey and lemon juice will make an ideal mask to cleanse pores and tighten.

Avocado and olive oil
The flesh mixed a lawyer with a tablespoon of olive oil will nourish the skin and give it all the vitamins to be glowing.

Yogurt and honey
A natural yogurt which is mixed liquid honey to leave for 20 minutes is a great help to close the pores.

Egg white
A lightly whipped egg white is sufficient in itself to detoxify the skin and remove impurities that clog pores and enlarge them.

For these recipes are more effective, it is advisable to use organic products or ingredients, rinse the mask gently with warm water and then clean the skin with a cotton soaked with floral water.

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